Thérèse gives you a hearty welcome in Hjärnarp, in the North of Scania.
Thérèse gives you a hearty welcome in Hjärnarp, in the North of Scania.
Situated by the Hallandsåsen ridge in the cosy village of Hjärnap, lies Thérèse Gyan Granlund's red cottage. Here she lives in harmony together with a flock of alpacas, two Dalmatians and two cats. She offers:

Breeding of Dalmatians since 2001. Fine records at exhibitions and good descendants.
New puppies – expected in May 2020
• Alpacas – breeding and lectures
Alpaca fleece and hand spun yarn for sale
• Body treatments with the Rosen Method
• Massage
 for relaxation
• Meditation with inspiration from Osho
• ASEA the healthy water
Mother Roshospots Mathilda (Ck, bph)
Kennel Roshospots are expecting a new litter of Dalmatian puppies from mother Roshospots Mathilda (Ck, bph) and father Lacillas Houdini (bph) in May 2020.
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Father Lacillas Houdini (bph)
Puppies of the B-litter, in spring 2019.
A new litter of puppies were born in the middle of March 2019. The happy parents were Roshospots Ottilia and Lacillas Houdini (bph). All seven puppies have found new wonderful homes and families. We wish them all the best with their new family members! /Thérèse Gyan

More photos of the B-litter
Thérèse Gyan is an owner of dalmatians since August 1994 and a breeder since the year of 2000. After her second dalmatian, a beutiful bitch from the norwegian kennel Spotniks in 1198, the Kennel Roshospots was registered in December the year of 2000. Shortly there after my first litter was born: the A-litter. After that we have had thirteen litters with very nice puppets out of where the four latest litters were born in Scania.
    The most important for our dogs is to have a good temper and good health. And the fact that many of our dogs also have made success in exhibitions and competitions, of course makes us very happy.

We offer wool of fantastic quality from alpacas. At Bjäragården we also have wonderfully soft yarn in different thicknesses and colours. You are most welcome for a visit! Please give us a ring first, so make sure we are at home. 
More about Alpacas of Bjäragården
Webshop for Alpaca yarn

Bjäragårdens Alex, born in 2018.
Bjäragårdens Alex, born in 2018.

Alpaca foal for sale

Our nice alpaca foal, the white stallion Bjäragårdens Alex (*26/7 2018), is for sale. Father: Hotpepper. 
Mother: Atisha. 
Please, contact Gyan

Bjäragårdens Alex.
Bjäragårdens Alex.

Towards new goals!

In March 2016 I did pole climbing at the sailing ship SPV Star Flyer in the island of Cuba.

I work since since 25 years with different types of body treatments, all the way from Rebalancing to the 
Rosen Metod, Tactile stimulation and Reiki. I am fascinated by and convinced of the importance of touch. Like Marion Rosen says:
"The Method that takes you from the person you think you are, to the person you really are”.    

Meditation is a medicine.
It is the only medicine.
So forget about your problems – just move into meditation.                        /Osho

Order the amazing proucts of ASEA from me.

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+46 (0)70 316 91 27

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Address: Boarpsvägen 51, SE-Hjärnarp

Most welcome!