For sale – Bjäragårdens Alex

Bjäragårdens Alex, born in 2018.
Bjäragårdens Alex, born in 2018.

Our alpaca foal, the white stallion Bjäragårdens Alex (*26/7 2018), is for sale. 
Father: Hotpepper. Mother: Atisha. Please, contact Gyan

New alpaca foals in June-August 2019

We have four pregnant alpaca mares with estimated time of birth between June and August 2019. Feel free to call and book a visit at Bjäragården to meet me and the alpacas. Please, contact Gyan

Alpaca fleece & exclusive yarn for sale

At Bjäragården you can buy alpaca fleece of wonderful quality in many different natural colours. We also offer exclusive soft yarn in different thickness and colours from our own alpacas. Some of this yarn is home-spun by Thérèse herself. Please contact Thérése Gyan for more information or visit our webshop.

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Alpacas of

The Alpacas are a wonderful combination of beauty, kindness, intelligence, integrity and individualty.

Since autumn 2011, when two mares with suckling crias came to Bjäragården, several crias have seen the light of the day here in Skåne.

In summer of 2014 Xerxes and Auroville was born. And the summer of 2015 the mare Xenia was born.

In summer of 2016 the two stallions Xerox and Xorro were born.

And in summer of 2017 the stallions Xavi (huacaya) and Arvin (suri) was born.

I sell fleece and yarn of Alpacas and give lectures about Alpacas.

Welcome to book a visit

Bjäragårdens Xavi (huacaya).
Bjäragårdens Xavi (huacaya).

Our brown stallion Xavi (huacaya), 
born in June 2017, has found a nice and new home. 

Thérése Gyan with Bjäragårdens Xavi, born 26th of June 2017.
Alpackahofs Hot Pepper covereth Bjäragårdens Azima 2017.
Alpackahofs Hot Pepper covereth Bjäragårdens Azima 2017.