Research about touch

Scientist has proved that touch markedly affects the hormone production in the body. The stress hormone Cortisol reduces, while the ”peace and calm” hormone Oxytocin increases. Touch also improves your immune system.

I am a member of the Swedish Body Therapist Organisation ”Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund”

Why should you take massage?

Today we often are exposed to repetitive working postures, monotone movements and stress. Our bodies affects both fysically and mentally by this. Symptoms as headache, back pain and most common of all, pain in neck and shoulders are often ordinary issues in our daily life. In a society with more and more stress, each one of us needs moments of peace and relaxation now and then, to be able to feel well.

When you take a classic massage in a calm environment, you get a de-stressing treatment and a nice relaxation for your whole body and mind.

I also work with ”massage in pre-school and schools” and massage in different elder care homes.

Price: 500 SEK / 50 min