The Rosen method – the touch that releases frozen emotions

The Rosen method is a soft massage that makes your body aware of tensions caused by stored and constricted emotions. When muscles are tense we limit our breathing. The blood is not circulating normally and we loose lots of energy. Energy that we could use in a better way. Marion Rosen calls it "barriers against living".

Through the Rosen Method you can get an insight about the causes behind your tensions. That opens possibilities for a freer life.

The best way to know how the Rosen method can help you, is to experiencing it with your own body.

I also offer tactile touch, reiki and massage >

I am a member of the Swedish Body Therapists organisation
”Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförund”


The Rosen Method has help me to fall asleep easier. My sleep has become better and deeper. Before I sometimes took a sleeping pill. After treatments with the Rosen Method, I have not needed to do that. 

Erik, 45 years