Kennel Roshospots are expecting a new litter from mother Roshospots Mathilda (Ck, bph) and father Lacillas Houdini (bph). The new wonderful Dalmatian puppies will arrive in May 2020. Please, contact Gyan at Kennel Roshospots when you are interested in a puppie!
Roshospots Mathilda (Ck) with her puppies in the year 2017
Father: Lacillas Houdini
Father: Lacillas Houdini
Mother: Roshospots Mathilda (Ck)
Mother: Roshospots Mathilda (Ck)

Puppies born in March 2019

In spring 2019 Kennel Roshospots got a litter with seven wonderful puppies, namned "The B-litter". Mother was Roshospots Ottilia and father Lacillas Houdini (bph). All seven puppies have found new homes and nice families. Our warmest greetings and good luck with your new family members!


Dalmatian puppies born in May 2018

The 13th of May 2018 Roshospots Mathilda (Ck) gave birth to nine wonderful puppies. It was Kennel Roshospots Thirteenth litter. Father was Curias Handsome Hamilton (DKCH).
All of the puppies has got nice new homes.
Mathilda with one week old puppies.
The puppies on the 26th of May 2018 - 14 days old. The spots are becoming more visible and the eyes are more open than the week before.
Roshospots Mathilda (Ck)
Mathilda wtih her nice litter in 2018 – one week old.
Mother: Roshospots Mathilda (Ck)
Mother: Roshospots Mathilda (Ck)
Father: Curias Handsome Hamilton DKCH
Father: Curias Handsome Hamilton DKCH
Thérèse Gyan med två valpar ur N-kullen, samt mormor Turiya.
Thérèse Gyan med två valpar ur N-kullen, samt mormor Turiya.

With Dalmatians since 1994

My first bitch was Such Finuch Spotniks Rising Rainbow. She came to us in Falun via Arlanda in the end of May 1998 from Oslo and was received very reserved by our first dog Phoenix (Such Boings Yeats) which had already been in the family since 3,5 years.

Little Phoebe, as we called the new comer, did quickly make a carrier in the exhibition-rings with among others Cert and Cacib in Ransäter in July 1999. Already in spring 2000 she became Champion and Kennel Roshospots was registered.

Such Finuch Spotnik's Rising Rainbow (Phoebe) gave birth to four litters: A, Z, D, R.

The A-litter was born 10th of January 2001 and father was Such T-cart Zappa. Eleven puppies saw the rising light of the day. All of them hearing, found new nice homes immediately.

The Z-litter was born in december 2002 and father was our own Phoenix (Such Boings Yeats).

Then our co-owned bitch Roshospots Daphne had two litters – S and T. Roshospots Raji had two litters, U and P. After that the two litters L and M was born, with mother Roshospots Turiya.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 our bitch Roshospots Mathilda gave birth to three litters – N, O and K.

Kennel Roshospots are members of
the Swedish Dalmatian Society


Dalmatian puppies – born in the years 2016 and 2017

Roshospots Mathilda (Ck) with her fine litter in 2017.
Roshospots Mathilda (Ck) with her fine litter in 2017.

Dalmatintervalpar 17 juli 2016

Dalmatian puppies at Kennel Roshospots, filmed the 17th of  July 2016. The puppies found new homes immediatley.
Roshospots Patricia, 5 years. Roshospots Patricia, 5 years.

Patricia found a new home!
Roshospots Patricia has finally found a new home. She is feeling happy and safe. Thank you all kind and interested people who helped and contacted us! 

Hugs  /Gyan